Gender Bias in the classroom

Essay by TerraDawn April 2007

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When I think of gender bias, I see a scene of two boys kicking a ball and playing roughly with one another in the grass. In the corner of my scene are two girls dressed in a fancy dress and their hair is in ribbons and curls. These two girls sit quietly at a table with their dolls pretending to sip tea from tiny teacups. Gender bias throws sexism boldly at me, and we see it everyday. Boys and men are to be masculine, rough, and active. They play all the sports such as football, wrestling, and other hardcore sports that are unacceptable for girls. The females are feminine, obedient, and join dance teams and cheerleading. Throughout school girls cheers the guys on in sports much like in careers when a woman stands behind a man through big presentations and speeches. I think a lot of the gender bias comes from gender separation.

Although, some people feel gender bias being in pre school, I have to disagree. I feel that it begins the moment they are born. The parents immediately wrap their baby in blue or pink blankets and give then a matching bottle and diaper. The parents refuse to put anything pink on their newborn son, and parents of a girl avoid using "boy colors" on their precious baby girl. I have actually sen parents pick out diapers that featured what they classified as a boys cartoon instead of one that could be for a boy or a girl such as The Care bears. I feel that this behavior continues and worsens as the child gets older.

During the toddler years is when boys and girls start to notice there separation between genders, and can distinguish between the two. The parents also become more aggressive in showing them...