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Now a day in this twenty-first century society is typically stereotypes. They see that in society one of the biggest elements is, if they do something good or bad people talk about it. Here are some stereotype examples. Boys have higher self-esteems than girls. Girls are more social than boys are. Men are more analytical than women. Men are better at rote learning, whereas women are more creative. Women are more open to suggestions and influences than are men. Gender difference still exists in society regardless of their progress. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of the Finding Flow, also agrees that gender difference is still quite strong in the flow of everyday life in contemporary U.S.

The variation is very clear. Even at the early age of kids when they cannot even speak a word. Mostly, all baby boys are more likely to play with mechanical or technical toys, like cars and toys that make violent noises unlike baby girls.

The majority of baby girls play with Barbie dolls and toys that make entertaining noises. In fact, baby girls like to play with quiet and peaceful toys unlike baby boys who like the loud and uncontrollable noises. They move on from these stereotypes to adulthood, where they become mature and responsible.

Men and women also have dissimilarity in the way they relate to people. Men seem to be more talkative in a variety of settings and are more likely to interrupt others, but in some situations, females are more likely to self-disclose and share their inner ideas and feelings. Women may also be somewhat more compliant to the demands of parents, teachers and other authority figures. Most women are more willing to engage in self-sacrifice for the good of others. Women are more able to appreciate and understand someone...