Gender Equality in Mexico - 10 questions answered

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1.Is there gender equality in Mexico? Why or why not?No, there is not gender equality in Mexico. There is more equality since the article The Feminista was written but there is no complete gender equality in Mexico. Women today still are the stay at home wives and therefore tend to not work and stay at home. Participation of women in the labour market is only 43%, women generally earn 89% of what men earn (for the same job). Another proving factor that women do not have equality is that there are high fertility rates in Mexico (especially in rural areas), but women only own 21% of all land titles this means that they have to meet a man and stay with him on his property and are forced to do what the man says since he owns the land.

2. What laws keep genders from being truly equal?Under the Mexican Federal Labour Law in the Constitution women are considered equal – they even have special “benefits” (I use that word loosely) for them such as they don’t have to lift anything heavy 6 weeks before/after birth, special breastfeeding breaks etc.

The problem that women are not being truly equal is the way they are viewed and the ideologies of the Mexicans. Women are viewed as inferior and therefore aren’t able to hold very few positions in the government, organizations etc. Basically any title with power/respect. There is too much machismo and old fashioned methods and ideologies that keep women from being equal.

3.What historical events have allowed women to enter the workforce?-First secondary school for women was open (prior women weren’t allowed to attend secondary school) – 1869-Women-The right to vote – 1953-Equal rights under the law with a constitutional amendment – 1975-Women movements in the USA and...