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Women's Rights

Women's equality is a major issue in today's world. This is not a new topic though, women have been fighting for equal rights and treatment for years. But the question is: can females handle being treated exactly like males? An article written by Jana Larsen discusses this topic with relation to the military services and being drafted. Another article written by Barbara Ehrenreich also talks about women's equality, but it deals with the aspects of female binge drinking.

Women's rights is a subject that is brought up over and over again. The two articles mentioned discuss this issue from completely different aspects. The first article deals with drafting females for war. The article states the jobs in the military are different for men and women. Women are rarely giving combat positions and jobs of the sort. While the jobs given to males and females are different, when arguing about equality, is it said that the recruitment process for drafting should be the same for both genders.

Is it fair that conscription is equal, but the positions assigned after are different? That does not seem equal to me. Even more, some women who have been fighting for women's rights do not want drafting to be equal because they do not wish to be sent to war. As the article argues though, equality for drafting is a "logical consequence of equality."

The second article deals with women binge drinking. It is thought by some that female binge drinking is a way for women to express their equality and that they drink simply because they can. As expressed in the article, that is not a hundred percent accurate. While it is true that some women drink because of their self-assertion, some women drink because they feel that it is a good...