Gender Equity: Equal Pay and Childcare

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Gender Equity: Equal Pay and Childcare

Four or five decades ago, as we can see in "Taking Women Students Seriously" by Adrienne Rich, women began to be aware of the feminism issues and started to fight over and ask for the true gender equity. Half a century later today, men and women have seemingly declared a cease-fire in the war that raged between the sexes, with more men taking their share of domestic duties and more professional women working outside the house. This seems to be a new world of both sexes. But is what we see really what we get?

Despite that more and more aggressive career women are working relentlessly in the field, with the same education background and working experience, the ratio of male and female senior and executive management positions within organizations is still uneven. Most top management positions in the health care industry and in academic fields, for example, are held by men, while the majority of the working staff may be women.

Have we finally progressed to true gender equity or there is still a long way to go?

Take a 25-year-old woman entering the work force. If she stays at her same job full-time for the next 40 years, she stands to lose more than half a million dollars. How could she make up the loss? It would not be easy - she would have to be a man. Women in the workplace have come a long way since 1963, when President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, in which wage discrimination issues began to be addressed. A year later, the passage of the Civil Rights Act included employment language that banned wagebased discrimination against women and minorities. Today, however, most women still earn less than men.

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