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In what ways do the travel habits of men and women differ? What at the implications for travel industry?


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The report focuses on the topic of that different travel habits between male and female. The article considers that the travel industry is implicated by different travel habits. Men and women have different travel habits.


Many studies show that men and women are different in travel habits. Women, for example, in the family vacations, they often are the leaders and project planners or men like to do some activities. This report will show some different opinion between male and female and what are the implications for the industry?

Different ways that the travel habits of men and women

According to a research from Mandala research. At first, Women are more slanted in travel on an organized group tour: 24% compared with 16% of men.

Secondly, men are more likely to take a trip by themselves: 20% travel alone compared with 13% of women. Thirdly Women are more likely to buy locally made goods: 45% have purchased so, as opposed to 36%of men. Fourth, women are driven more by friendships while making the travel plans 64% of women take trips to visit friends and family, opposed to 57% of men. As can be seen, it has a big different between male and female. It could be human nature. For example, normally, women consider more things than men. women, for example, often take care of their children. they have to think safety ways when they are going travel however men have less responsibility to look after their children.

Many people may say business travel has active influence on their...