Gender Identity Disorder

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Gender Identity Disorder


I want to talk about gender issues. The definition of gender identity disorder is a condition in which there is a discrepancy between an individual's assigned sex and gender identity, involving a strong and persistent identification with the other gender. Now this makes no sense to me so in my terms gender issues have to deal with same sex partners, transsexuals, and people who want a sex change. This book can say what ever it wants to but the author or authors are not lesbian or gay so they do not experience this. I do not agree with what this text says about this subject. This in my opinion is not a condition it is a way of life. Transsexuals like who they are but want to try to be another sex which is nothing wrong with that. The main terms in this chapter would be sex, gender identity, and gender role.

Gender is how a person sees themselves. Men and women are not that different. Maybe in the genitals but that is it. This chapter also talks about lesbians, gays, transsexuals, and sex changes. This is a very interesting chapter.


►British Journal of Psychology, May 2002v93 i2 p203(15)

Sex-typed preferences in three domains: do two-year-olds need cognitive variables? Most heterosexual folks know the difference between homosexual and bisexual, but to be on the safe side, lets address that topic. Homosexuals are individuals whose gender identity is associated with the same sex. Bisexuals are people who like and have partners of both sexes. Many people confuse transsexuals and homosexuals, especially with male homosexuals in drag. Drag queens can be homosexuals, but transsexuals with homosexuals dressing as women are not necessarily drag queens. Transsexuals are people who have a deep unshakable conviction that their true gender...