Gender Inequality

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Name : Mohamad Azhar

ENGL 101 : Section 5

Classification Essay

27th March 2012

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is known as a distinction between individual due to gender.

Inequalities between genders are still a major issue faced by many people across the

nation and eventually became a question that echoes in the mind of each individual.

Though the authorities had taken many actions, yet this problem has not been solved.

Some of the significant problems that arise among genders are, wage gap between

male and female, women are given less job opportunity compared to men and women

are prevented from having any sort of education. If all hands were to join forces, this

misery will reduce in a significant amount.

The main issue of gender inequality at workplace were said to be, women

earn less than their male counterparts. "Women are almost two third of the workforce

earning minimum wage" (TARA W.

MERRIGAN). After years of research, the

statistics shows that every 77 cents earned by a woman are 1 dollar earned by a man.

The 'Glass Ceiling ' effect is also one of the critical reasons for the wage gap between

male and female. The glass ceiling is an imaginary barrier that prevents women from

climbing up the cooperate ladder. "Heidi Hartmann, founder and president of the

Institute for Women's Policy Research in Washington D.C., said that the progress

women have achieved in the work force has come to a standstill since the late 1990s"

(TARA W. MERRIGAN). Supposedly, neither men nor women have to be equally

paid for performing a particular job. Men are not suppose to be paid more than

women if they are enrolled to same working hours, to complete similar chore, and

required to achieve the objective for the day. It's a kind of...