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This generation are not the slaves of the economy - trying to "sleep faster" just to keep up - as we "boomers" often feel.

Generation Y use technology as an auxilliary body and brain. It extends their capacity in ways that enable them to fit more into a day.

I work best sitting with my laptop in a cafe. I write my best sales and do my best work doing that." says Sam, self-employed.

The new management and leadership paradigms that work for the Gen X and for Gen Y are likely to be increasingly about integration.

What about Generation X Women? Much of the research done on Gen X attitudes (in particular Generation X women) reveals that many of these young women want to be the mothers they theoretically missed as children, perhaps reflecting action and reaction through the generations.

They are according to the most recent statistics having children later - while many more women will never marry and more will have no families at all than in the previous generation.

(Maushart 2000).

Susan Maushart, a Western Australian sociologist and writer observes - the second shift is killing the women who have careers and as we have seen, our daughters are not interested in that level of sacrifice.

She argues that until "wifework" is redefined, marriage is likely to continue to decline as a popular life choice for younger women, albeit after they have tried it. Dale Spender calls it 'choosing to have the child but not the father- they don't want the additional work of maintaining the man.' The ones who do have children do it on their own terms. This includes marriage and children happening on average 5 years later than the Boomer generation. For the increased proportion of women that are graduating with formal...