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Powerful Woman

I am like the many women that live today. I have a husband and children who keep me busy taking care of home. All the while I have a full time career and attend school full time. Society straddles the fence on acknowledging women for their "superwoman" duties. We witness the overworked wife and mother time after time. But women are still the minority when it comes to government or high-ranking positions. In many instances, women excel in comparison to men. Sexual discrimination and harassment still exists. Even in a household where both spouses work, the woman remains the sole caretaker of housework. Yet, women are still being perceived as inferior to men. With the over abundance of stronger roles that range from work, education, home, and children, societies expectations of women remains as it did many years ago.

Growing up as a young girl, I watched the roles of the women in my family change generation after generation.

I watched as my great-great grandmother stay at home, reproduced, took care of the children, cooked and cleaned. I watched my great grandmother, who we call Nana, do the same. In addition to taking care of the home, Nana also worked. She was one of the first women in our family who held a job and set the standard. As the generations passed, I noticed the roles of women weren't really changing, but increasing in their duties. Then I noticed that every man in the family never accumulated any extra role, not one. This is when I discovered that I was apart of the stronger gender.

I believe that women are the strongest, most independent species on earth. Even dating back sixty years ago. Maintaining a home is a full time job all in itself; add children to the...