The Gender Roles In Bend It Like Beckham

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The movie "Bend It Like Beckham" deals not only with different gender- appropriate behaviors but also how different cultures have their own set of gender- appropriate behaviors.

Jessie is from an Orthodox Sikh Indian family. She dreams of being a famous soccer player one day and of playing soccer professionally like her idol David Beckham. She watches him on television and has posters of him hanging in her room.

Jessie's parents want to raise her traditionally. They want her to have domestic skills. Her mom wants to teach her how to cook traditional Indian food. Jessie would rather practice soccer with the guys than be in the kitchen cooking. Jessie's mother does not feel that soccer is feminine and would rather she focus on school and marriage.

In the movie Jessie lies to her parents in order to go to soccer practices and games. She pretends that she has a job to get time out of the house.

Jessie bends the rules of her gender, her culture, and her family traditions in order to reach her goal of playing soccer.

Jules, another character, who wants to play professionally in America, which is more than fine with her dad, but her mom does not like the idea at all. She feels that soccer is not feminine enough and would rather her daughter focus on school and marriage. Jules' mom fears that her daughter's short hair cut and all the time she spend playing soccer will interfere with her meeting a boy. In one of the first scenes of the movie Jules' mom is trying to talk her into a padded bra. She wants her to look more female. When Jules' decided on a sports bra he mother is not pleased. After over hearing an argument between her daughter...