Gender Roles In Relationships

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Men and women have been misunderstanding each other for generations -

probably since the beginning of time. Numerous research articles and books have been

written on the subject, with all of them drawing the same conclusion: Men and women

speak different languages.

The couple in the story seemed to have a rather odd relationship. They have

completly different ways of communicating and you can sense the strain between them.

" It tastes like licorice, the girl said and put the glass down." "That's the way with

everything." They both seem to be making small talk because they're avoiding the main

issue. The issue seems to be about an operation that the woman is thinking of getting.

She is uneasy about it, but he keeps telling her it's not a big deal. He tells her that the

problems in their relationship would be solved if she got the operation. I think the

operation is an abortion.

The woman doesn't want to get the abortion but she just wants

to do what will please her man. She really just wants to keep the baby, start a family.

This life appeals to her but the man isn't ready to settle down. "We can go everywhere."

He tries to make her see it his way. They don't see the world in the same way. Each one

wants something different out of life.

I think they fit the stereotypical roles given to a man and a woman. The man is

supposed to have the control in the relationship and the women is supposed to be passive

and go with the flow. In today's society, these gender roles don't necessarily fit. Women

are more likely to take control when need be, whereas back then, all decisions were made

by the man. Back then, chauvinistic behavior...