Gender Stratification

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The education system at times can show favor to one gender over the other. Boys can be treated in such a way that makes them seem dumb or unimportant. Girls seem to be favored early on in school because boys do not seem to care as much as they do. There are various theories for why boys have a hard time learning and seem to be behind in school therefore having problems getting into college. Boys do not get the same education that girls receive in the elementary school because they are distracted and have a hard time paying attention in the classroom.

Elementary school is a time where children's lives are shaped and changed to help them all the way through college. The younger years are important and if children do not succeed in school during that time they will continue to struggle. The teaching that boys and girls receive in elementary should be the same, but in actuality it is girls who receive the better education. Girls have the attention in the classroom and therefore receive more attention while boys do not have their mind set on school and do not receive attention from teachers for that reason. This happens at very young ages and can be harmful to the education of boys.

Boys in elementary also have the problem of being distracted in the classroom and therefore not doing well in school. Boys want to get out and be active and do not want to sit in a classroom all day trying to learn. Girls on the other hand do not mind sitting in class all day and learning and get a better education than boys do. Conlin also adds in her debate, "Biologically, he (boys) need four recesses a day, but he's lucky if he...