Gender Vs. Morality

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Women are more moral than men. This statement is easily refutable and goes against the criteria of a confirmable statement. The statement itself takes on the appearance of an enthymeme. The statement, women are more moral than men, would be considered the conclusion of what would follow to premises. These premises in the enthymeme would be understood and therefore may be very susceptible to creating a fallacy. The statement is made by an anonymous source which adds to the ambiguousness of the statement because we do not know the context that it has come from. The statement doesn't work because it violates several criteria. The criteria that this statement violates are clearness, logic, and possibility.

The statement, women are more moral than men, is not a clear statement because of the term moral. Morality may be and has been defined in many ways. The term in the statement above does not have a clear meaning and may only be looked at in a hypothetical way.

The audience does not know if the author of the statement is referring to morals that are just about being good or bad. Morals could also be how a person behaves in different situations. The term moral is not easily defined because there are so many variances from person to person in regards to what the term moral means. To have a standard definition in this statement or to switch moral with its meaning in the statement would give this statement much more credibility. One's morals can be designed in a multitude of different ways and until we understand what morals the author of this statement is talking about, we will not understand the statement. This makes it extremely difficult to defend the statement. Any time that a statement is made, especially concerning one...