Gene Manipulation

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We are entering an age of genetics. The biggest biological research project in history, The Human Genome Project, assured us that it will have our whole genetic structure designed. The media gives information regarding new scientific state regarding genes which are related to disease, environment, behaviors as well as personality traits so often that it looks like we are being given a publication of gene-of-the-week.

Genes have already been found out of Cystic fibrosis, Huntington's disease. Fragile X syndrome, cancer of the breast, the incurable Alzheimer's disease, cancer of colon, bipolar disorder, obesity, sexual orientation, and alcohol related disorders, “crime, timidity, bed wetting; etc. James Watson discovered the double helix structure of DNA. Due to which currently we have knowledge of our genes and thus makes it easier to manipulate them.

Scientists already have made wonderful discoveries regarding how genes are related to diseases. Discovering the genes for cystic fibrosis as well as Huntington's disease are without a doubt important achievements, even though new treatments for both the disorders have not been discovered as yet.

The discovery of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes of breast cancer were extraordinary accomplishments, even though they are responsible for less than 10 %of all kinds of breast cancer. Scientists will discover significant genetic associations with diseases in the next few years, some of which may eventuate in preventions or treatments that may reduce human suffering. whilst the identifying of for behavior genes are not quite understandable, there is little suspicion that scientific reports regarding new genetic tendencies or basis of behaviors will be a common occurrence in the up coming years . Furthermore, different kinds of genetic "alternative," from selection of sex to the traits of personality to better abilities might become obtainable by means of "gene therapy," which are also known as...