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IntroductionGene One is a biotech company which creates a gene altering technology that eliminates the need for pesticides keeping farmers' overhead low and organic food lovers happy. In fact, the overarching vision of Gene One is to, above all, make a contribution to society. This paper will describe how self-managed teams for Gene One will make the company that effectively.

More specifically, in addressing the improvement of self-managed teams, employees motivation, improving variables, while teams with higher levels of employee motivation are more productive and efficient than those with lower levels of motivation.

History and key employees of Gene OneIn order to take Gene One public, the company must develop and implement a strategic plan that will maintain the focus of the company, broadening and enhancing its employee base while expanding its reputation in the public eye.

The founder, Don Ruiz is the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ruiz, recruited friends and relatives in addition to using initial investment dollars to help create Gene One, the company of his dreams.

Don is a very people oriented leader and this shows by the make-up of his executive team. Michelle Houghton, is his close friend and the Chief Financial Officer who has a strong sense of ownership in Gene One. Michelle's talent at securing dollars from private investors has made a positive reputation with the Federal Department of Agriculture and Gene One's board of directors.

Another founding member of the leadership team is Teri Robertson, Chief Technology Officer and Don's niece. Teri has single handedly developed the genetic breakthrough technology that was instrumental in the success of Gene One while being devoted to the organization. Just recently, Teri received the top biotech scientist of the year award.

Charles Jones, the Marketing Officer, is probably the weak link in the entire organization. Although Charles...