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Introduction - Intersect Investment BenchmarkingThe financial services industry has plagued a constant flux of Intersect Investment overall business. With recent changes of financial power the firm has struggles like several other companies across the globe. To overcome and succeed Intersect Investment must expand like others to achieve current success goals. Similar to other companies Intersect Invest will make a drastic attempt to succeed like an array of other companies researched in the synopsizes below.

Individual Company SynopsizesVISAVisa, Inc is the world's largest electronic payment network. IT is located in San Francisco, California. The company provides a variety of solutions for merchants and consumers. The Visa card is accepted at over 170 countries worldwide (Visa). Similar to Intersect Investments, the company has an extensive executive management team and board of directors.

Visa has pioneered several ideas that have helped provide security and convenience to the consumer. These ideas include: money transfer, chip technology, wave technology and mobile payments and services (Visa).

Visa is a company that recently chose to perform an initial public offering or IPO. The company, like Intersect Investments wanted to raise cash and improve its capital by adding new and improved products. . On November 9, 2007, Visa made its first announcement that it would be conducting an IPO. The company had to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission before the selling of its stock may commence (Visa).

The same issue exists for Intersect Investments and Visa. Both companies wanted to expand, increase capital and gain the public's trust. In the scenario, Intersect held meetings to discuss the IPO. The board members and founding members all had differences of opinion regarding the IPO.

The outcome for Visa was a favorable one. The company offered 406 million shares of common stock on the first day of the IPO...