Gene Therapy of Embryos

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Gene Therapy of Embryos

Gene therapy is beneficial. The whole disease can be wiped out from someone's genetics. It can prevent future generations from having that disease. It also makes taking care of offspring a lot easier. It can save and lengthen lives. Gene therapy can also make a difference in a family's wealth and free time. Stress is also another factor. Gene therapy can be a huge stress reliever. It also reduces costs and time spent caring for the affected child.

You can make a life that would only last a couple weeks, to having a full length life. It will make the person normal just like any other person. The complications that the person would have, are completely gone from the person that received gene therapy. Offspring will be just like they were, but without a harmful gene. This is a great alternative to abortion. It does the complete opposite of abortion actually.

Instead of killing a life, it makes a life longer. That will reduce a lot of controversy that abortion spurs up a lot. Statistics show that gene therapy is a lot better alternative to abortion. Abortion is favored a lot less than gene therapy is.

Gene therapy can help prevent problems in generations to come. Whole generations in the future won't have to worry about the disease. The disease will be completely gone and won't show up in future generations due to that one person. Offspring will not cause future families to have a disease. This is extremely beneficial to family generations. It will let families reach their maximum potential because they won't have anything in their way. Having a whole disease wiped out of a family takes a large weight off of the family's shoulders. It takes away having to care constantly for the...