Genealogy of Postmodernism

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Genealogy of Postmodernism INTRODUCTION Genealogy of Postmodernism CONCLUSION

The first half of the twentieth century was full of political and social changes, which affected the lives of people, but also it has a great influence in the field of art. Many intellectuals wanted to express their ideas differently. They criticized this society and felt needs to express their discontent. These new tendencies were highly experimental and innovative. These changes were also notably in literature, especially in literary period of Postmodernism. Postmodernism is one of the most interesting periods in genealogy of literature. Moreover it is one of the most complicated periods. There are no exact features or characteristics, because Postmodernism is a mixture of previous literary periods. Therefore quotation told by American literary critic Leslie Fiedler "Cross the border, close the gap." is very concise. Through quote he wanted to express literary tendencies of Postmodernism. To continue with period of Postmodernism is need to be said that Postmodernism is considered to be one of the longest periods.

It is thought because there is not specified the exact beginning of the period and also because it still lasts and no one knows when it will end. In spite we will try to find out the time of its creation.

Furthermore the seminar work will focus on differences between Postmodernism and Modernism. It is essential to know events that happened before and after the situation you would like to explore more. We are not able to talk about period that would happen after Postmodernism, because Postmodernism still not ended, as it is mentioned above. However there is a period that occurred before Postmodernism. As a result we need to deal with Modernism. Another reason why to deal with Modernism is that literary period of Postmodernism emerged from Modernism. This means that Postmodernism...