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The Genentech's Company is a "profit-orientated" company within the biotechnology industry that are situated in American. The Genentech's Company added value by using specialist knowledge in researching new antibiotics and transforming the new antibiotics into drugs, and also selling products to the end patients. This would place them in all the sectors Primary, Secondary and Tertiary because they are involved from extraction through processing and finally the selling of drugs. In the biotechnology industry, Genentech always experiments new medicine to improve their products and try to expand the range of consumer. However, owing to their several mistakes of decision making, the company lost market share and profits.

The category of Management concept related to the case is Managerial Decision Making. In applying the concept of decision making, we recognize the problems of the organisation not only for definition but also for solving. Decision-making is the process by which managers identify organisational problems and try to resolve them.

It centres on three types of problems that are crisis, non-crisis and opportunity problems. Generally, it is divided into two groups, which are Programmed and Non Programmed. The specific key concepts that apply to the Genetech include, differences in decision-making situations, models of Decision making and Steps in an effective decision-making process.

Environmental Analysis (STEEP)

Socio Cultural Trends

- More than one million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year and myriad treatment choices and crucial decision-making are very important for those people. Genentech as an emerging leader in cancer research and treatment that recognizes a critical gap in patient advocacy and a significant opportunity to educate cancer patients.

- People may have increasingly negative attitudes towards mammal cells being tested for research into new antibiotics. This adds a negative effect on the Genentech's company as the attitude...