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The inspiration to help people is expressed through many different avenues. Some people may choose to become doctors or firefighters, police officers or educators. I have chosen to extend my aid by becoming a pharmacist. I have always had an interest in the medical field and pharmacy appeals to me because I would play a direct role in helping people get well. I believe I will find this to be a fulfilling career, one that will satisfy my desire to make a difference.

The importance of pharmacists is as obvious as the importance of doctors. A doctor can diagnose an illness and prescribe medication, but without a pharmacist to discover, develop, and prepare it, the medication would be unavailable. I am interested in working as a community pharmacist, where I would be able to interact with the people receiving the medication, as I will prepare and dispense prescriptions.

Most importantly, I will give advice as to how the prescriptions should be used, what side-effects to watch for, and what other medications can be used or avoided. It is these relationships with people that interests me. Many people, especially those with chronic illnesses and those on continual medications, rely on their pharmacist for obtaining the necessary prescriptions in an accurate and timely manner.

I have no doubt that I will be a successful pharmacist. I am hardworking and personable; I believe I will be able to form immediate relationships with 'clients' and they will feel secure in coming to me with all of their prescription and even non-prescription needs. I know that a career as a pharmacist will be rewarding and fulfilling for me. Even though the schooling required to reach this goal is rigorous, the outcome will be well worth the work.