General Aviation Marketing and Management Summary Chapter 8

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Alegander T. Wells and Bruce D. Chadbourne

To be effective in selling business aircraft, marketers must understand the nature of organization all markets, their unique demand and purchasing characteristics. Business to business marketing is buying and selling goods and services between businesses. Demand patterns in the consumer market differ from demand patters in the organizational market in direct channels, derived demand, and inelastic demand. The buying function in organizations improves profitability and helps maintain a competitive advantage. The increasing accountability and complexity of the purchasing function has lead to the development of the buying center concept that pulls together key individuals who provide different expertise needed to make quality major purchases. The five traditional roles in the buying center are users, gatekeepers, influencers, deciders, and buyers. Travel analysis is an evaluation of a firm's current travel modes and the amount and nature of travel presently undertaken. Four major areas of investigation are amount and nature of travel, travel dispersion and type and frequency of airline service and potential aircraft utilization.

The amount of nature of travel is determined by reviewing a prospective customer's past travel records. The object of an analysis of an organization's geographic time and volume dispersions of business is to examine the environment within which a company plane would operate and includes the cities served, distances, and schedule to be maintained. Three distinct classes of airline service are direct, indirect via connections or none. The frequency of service will further modify the direct and indirect levels. The project use of a company airline is an integrated function of all the elements discussed thus far. The types of business aircraft include fixed wing or helicopter, single engine or multi, piston or pure jet, and each can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a firm. The...