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General Electric: Successful Application of

Organizational Behavior Concepts

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Rachelle Phillips

January 5, 2008

General Electric: Successful Application of

Organizational Behavior Concepts


Organizations are indeed a perspective view that implicates, not only an organizational system, but also a social-functional systems composed of dynamic and interacting subcomponents regulated by organizational rules and standards. As emphasized by various theorists such as Henri Fayol, father of management, organizations are political systems-social systems of individuals or groups that must work together and speak with monogamous ideations, even though each has a personal agenda. Such ideations emphasizes that organizations are political systems that emphasize interpersonal relationships and the behavior of individuals in groups (Stroh, Northcraft and Neale, 2002, p.10). The strategic use of a company's organizational structure and employee management has been improved and enhanced by understanding the fundamentals of organizational behavior (Argenti, 2002 p.81).

The purpose of this research paper is to uncover how successful General Electric (GE) has been in implementing organizational behavior concepts in the following four categories: (1) motivation, (2) group behavior, (3) organizational structure, and (4) organizational culture.

GE, in a bold set of management strategies, aims at increasing innovation to improve productivity to make the company more competitive. CEO, Jack Welch, long known for his strategic philosophy of buying and selling firms to gain the number one or number two position in any industry in which GE is a player, recognized that maintaining those lofty sales and profit positions depends on improving organizational management approaches used throughout the company (Stein and Voehl, 1998, p.208). Unlike the foreign subsidiaries of some U.S companies, GE's organizational system has been entrusted from its inception in 1876, with a great deal of autonomy...