General Wesley Clark: Issues

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For many people, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike, the 2004 presidential election was a huge disappointment. Among the Democratic candidates was General Wesley Clark. Although he was not nominated as the Democratic candidate for the 2004 election, he is considered a potential Democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential election (Wikipedia). The main issues that Clark promised to address as our country's President are family income, environment, higher education, child poverty and health care. The source of information for this assignment was

Wesley Clark's goals were to be reached by the year 2008. His first goal was to increase the typical family's income by $3,000. Second, was to put policies in place that would prevent 100,000 premature deaths from occurring due to environmental causes by the year 2020. Third was to get one million additional people to attend college and other higher education. Fourth, was to bring the poverty rate down to its lowest by bringing two million children out of poverty.

Lastly, was to give thirty million people health insurance who are currently without (Clark 04).

All five of these goals directly relate to the aspects of popular culture that were discussed in class. Both the family income and child poverty goals would have had a great impact on families (Clark 04).

All of these goals would have had an impact on racial issues. Education and health care are both issues that Clark specifically identified with race. He stated that education should be equally provided to all Americans and that the country will not be able to reach its full potential until this happens. Also, tuition increases at public colleges should be kept low to accommodate people from all financial and racial backgrounds. Clark argues that health care should be an equal opportunity for all Americans and...