Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Define and describe each disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder, also known as GAD, is when someone's persistent worry and panic about their health, work, money, or family last for at least six months, even when there are no clear signs of intense stress in their life. GAD is an illness that can last for many years before it's even diagnosed and treated. It can go so long before being diagnosed because many people just believe that the anxiousness feelings are just part of their personality, but really the disorder can and will impair simple, daily functions. These people have a hard time doing what is expected of them.

The biggest symptom of GAD is constant worrying. The symptoms can become much worse when a person is under stress.

Symptoms include:

- constant worrying about things

- feeling tense and restless

- trembling and muscle tension

- feeling fatigued all the time

- having trouble staying focused or not being able to keep you mind on one thing

- sweating or hot flashing

- feeling irritable or grouchy

- having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

- having a lump in the throat or feeling like you need to throw up when you're worried

Although GAD can exist on its own, GAD can also be comorbid with depression, panic disorder, and/or social anxiety disorder.

The types of treatment have improved over the years, but still there is no cure. However, with the proper treatment, the sufferer can live a better life. Medication can help control the symptoms of anxiety by regulating the balance of chemicals in the brain. Also counseling is an effective way to treat anxiety and control the symptoms. It can include, behavioral therapy to teach how to cope with difficult situations, cognitive therapy to teach how to differentiate...