Generation gap

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Ramesh has been a good student in school. He acquires a good rank in his class and is well appreciated by his teachers. He again nurtures a hobby of playing guitar in which he excels. He has been an element of pride for his parents. On one fine evening Ramesh returned home from school. His face resplendent with joy. He announced to his parents that he had got a scope to visit a night club with one of his friends on that Sunday. He promised to return early and justified that it was only for a fun and proclaimed that he will not turn an addict. He however received a strict "No" from his parents and no amount of persuasion could change their decision. It slowly turned out to be a battle of ego. The final outcome was however totally unprecedented and horrendous. The next morning Ramesh was found hanging from his ceiling fan.

Now who would you blame in this situation? Ramesh or his parents?

Well, if we ponder over this event a trifle more we will find that neither of them is to be blamed. It is nothing but the satanic impact of generation gap. Time has changed everything including our psyche. The young fledgling of our present time never want to be bogged down by their parents who like marshals brandish their sceptre of authority to curb the free spirits of their offspring's. They rather want to fly in the vast expanse of the heaven of emancipation to explore the unknown frontiers of life. In fact this is the very nature of human mind. They however could not go against the wish of their parents since they are not financially independent. In turn they develop a bad relationship with them which at times paves the...