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Today this generation is known as the generation x because it is disoriented. They have not located themselves or do not know what there future will be because of uncertainties, insecurities due to dysfunctional homes, the parents leaving for work to sustain the family and leaving their children all alone. These children stay alone without parental affection, and many times the affection they seek are found in groups of the societies that are not in good footsteps. This generation is going through many transitions. At the same time it's next generation is going to suffer because their roles models and elder generation has chosen to be in incorrect paths.

The education of many children is given to technology. Technology is playing that paternal role and is educating the youth. This is belief that the next generation is going to be physiologically in danger to commit errors already made. This generation is going to be in danger in the economic aspect as well as technological advance even though science will be amounted and thus giving these next generations' drastic changes.

This country has been in a war that has caused the government a surplus amount of money. We have been seeing that because of this money the government and our economy have been suffering from an internal debt. It is to thought that the dollar will decease of its value now that many markets have united. This internal debt is grand and the economy is in crisis. The higher the debt, the more in crisis this generation will be as well as the next.

There is much insecurity in the future because like it or not the future is up to each person and the actions taken by their selves and their attitudes. Not future is not how it...