Generational Differences.

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There are many differences between my generation and other older generations. The values that are held by my generation are very different in comparison to other generations. In past generations an emphasis has been put on family and religion. Those two things items being felt as the most important by parents of previous generations so they instilled those values into their children. This created a cycle that was broken by my generation and several generations before mine.

Although parents try to teach children their values youth for the most part has been unresponsive to the efforts. I feel this change is due to stronger individualism and the fact that life has gotten easier for the youth. Since life has become easier my generation feels that it isn't necessary to have strong family ties or strong religious beliefs. Life became easier so people struggled less and didn't have rely on their family through trouble times.

Due to the lack of a religious influence my generation's clothes and music has become what older people would call inappropriate. Churches have been teaching of what is "correct" but religion doesn't play as big of part in my life then it isn't going to influence me as much. My generation still retains values that are important to them and vary from person to person. But most would value friends and material items more than anything else. My generation may seem to be disrespectful to other generations but that is because older generations tend to be disrespectful to us. My generation doesn't believe in the rule that you have to respect your elders. We feel more that respect is earned and that if someone is disrespectful we shouldn't have to give him or her any respect because of their birthday.