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Problem StatementTeraTech appears to not be working the issues in a sensible manner. There is a lot of concern on how the tasks are going to be completed. TeraTech needs to form teams to build synergy in getting to its end goal. There is not any teamwork going on. Everyone is working on their issues and not getting anything accomplished.

ResponseFollowing the internet bubble burst of 2000, Cisco, the primary manufacturer of internet switching products was forced to lay off 8,000 employees from its company. In order to survive the collapse of the dot com bubble, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco developed a method for better predicting the future of products with a long development lead-time. Chambers was the first to predict that voice communications would be possible using internet connections. (Fryer, 2008) This prediction occurred seven years before it actually happened. Following Moore's law, Chambers correctly predicted that internet routers would one day be able to carry voice signals.

Predicting that the traditional phone companies would lose business to this communication method, Chambers developed routers that would carry the voice signal. This was a huge market transition for Cisco. Chambers realized that the most successful way to transition markets was to eliminate hierarchy and move into a collaborative style of management. In order to collaborate better, Chambers formed teams called councils or boards. These teams networked with each other in real time to create a positive creative work environment. One of the primary methods of collaborating was setting up a teleconference system. These conferences could be attended from home, work, a customer's location, or the main office. They could be called at a moments notice and decisions were made quickly and efficiently. This method of collaboration has allowed Cisco to continue to develop technology even in the face...