Genertals Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution could of never been won without the generals, and their brilliant quick actions. But how did these brilliant quick actions beat the powerful British army? At the time in history the British had the largest army and most powerful in the world. Generals who stood up to the British army were very rare, but the American continental army was full of eger rebels who wanted there freedom and there inalienable god given rights. Every American general that went in to the Revolutionary War and fought is a brave hero. For every general that went into the American Revolution and fought, my god have mercy on there souls.

Commander in Chief is the head of the army. He is usually strong, brave, and is a good leader. They lead the army so the should also exhibit good a good skill such as being able to be defeated and come right back from that defeat on his feet and fight in another battle with confidence that he and his army will come out victorious.

The out come of the American Revolution could of been different if General George Washington didn't have the qualities, but he did and he lead the Continental Forces to many victories and keep confidence in his soldiers that they will win there freedom.

George Washington was the Commander in Chief of the Continental forces during the American Revolution and was Americas first president serving two terms and hold most of the credit for building this strong and powerful country George Washington was born in West Moreland County, Virginia. He was born on February 22, 1732. His father died in 1743. Soon after his fathers death he went to live with his half-brother Lawrence at Mt. Vernon, where Lawrence had his Plantations on the Potomac River.