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Genes affect almost every human trait, including intellectual abilities, personality patterns, and mental illnesses. Similarly, from the moment of conception and throughout life, the environment influences genetic tendencies. Genotype- environment correlation is environmental influences and certain genetic is likely to act in the same way. There are three types of genotypic tendencies: passive, reactive (evocative), or active.

In my own life, my particular interest might have been influenced by reactive (evocative) genotype-environment. That is, I can play flute very well even though my parents are not musician and they don't have talent for the play instrument. Also I can play a recorder and a short bamboo flute. My mother makes a special effort to provide musical experience to me since when I was elementary school 2nd year. She makes me that I am interested in play musical instrument. But unlikely me, my brother cannot play any musical instrument. Because my mother doesn't provide musical experience to him when he was young.

So he is not interested in play any instrument. Therefore, my own life does not fit active genotype-environment correlation. Active genotype- environment correlation is children, they activity select or create experiences consistent with their genetic tendencies. I don't have genetic tendencies that talent for play instrument. But I learned how to play it.

As a result, my own life, my particular interest does fit definition of reactive (evocative) genotype environment.