Genetic Altering: The Power to Change a Life.

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Genetic Altering: The Power to Change a Life

In recent years, scientific advances on the genetic code have flooded the news and media and left many wondering what was next. The knowledge gained from decoding and identifying the Human Genome has raised many morally complex questions for scientists to answer. It has placed in their hands a great deal of power, the ability to manipulate human genes and, therefore, ultimately alter the human race of the future. Like most discoveries, the capability to change the genes of an embryo before birth can either be used to help or hinder. That is precisely why this information should be used for the sole purpose of curing genetic disorders and not to genetically engineer children into the ideal humans.

Yes, it may sound wonderful to have the ability to choose a child?s physical and intellectual traits like a paint by number. However, is that a choice that is morally correct, or is that playing the role of God? Genetically manipulating children into the ?perfect? race will take away individuality and the surprises that go along with the joys of child birth.

This creation of the perfect race sounds much like the ideals of a certain Aldolf Hitler who wanted everyone to be blond-haired, blue-eyed, physically adept and mentally endowed. Many of these are the qualities that prospective parents would choose to instill into their genetically engineered bundle of joy. .

If this genetically altered race did come about, how would this affect the human race and civilization as a whole? Much like in the movie Gattica, those who are genetically

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perfect would never have a chance of developing heart disease, cancer or even myopia. They would obtain all of the important, high paying jobs in the workforce. This is because...