Genetic Screening what are its uses, advantages, disadvantages and ethical issues

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IntroBiotechnology is a thing present in today's society. It is made up of two words, bio and technology. It is a biological process for purposes such as genetics manipulation of microorganism. It basically means using living things such as cells to create products. It is used in agriculture, medicine, food and genetics screening.

Genetic ScreeningGenetic Screening is basically a test that is carried out on the cells that checks for a particular type of genes and if it has potential damage in the future. It is define as " a systematic search for person with a particular genotype". Usually done to pregnant woman to see whether her baby carries any particular genetic disease.

HistoryCells were first discovered not in human but in animals and plants in 1665. In 1839, it was then discovered that cells can be formed by the process of dividing itself. A few decades later, Walther Flemming discovered chromosomes and later in 1902, people realised the link between chromosomes and inherited diseases or genetic disorders.

In today's society, genetic testing of any kind is more popular and due to the advancement in technology and knowledge, genetic can now be used to detect disorders and have been an advantage to a lot of individuals.

Ethical IssuesThe way genetics works, is of course finding information on the genotype and phenotype of a person. Genetic intervention such as genetic screening, has raised a lot of questions. It would be wise to consider on how much the doctors should know about your life and where is the limit to it. It will also help to consider on whether this technology should be used just because it is available of just go along with what nature has for us in the future. Furthermure, it is also convinient to know the options it...