Genetic Testing

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When asked the question of whether or not I would consider undergoing genetic testing for knowledge of susceptibility to future genetic diseases, I have mixed feelings. I feel that there are definitely some beneficial factors to genetic testing. One benefit of genetic testing would be knowing if you were going to be prone to a certain preventable disease so you might be able to live a lifestyle that would help prevent acquiring a certain ailment. Another benefit of genetic testing would be knowing if your gene?s carried a life threatening disease that could be passed on to your children, and that could influence your decision on whether or not to bring a child into the world if he or she would have a life full of suffering and die at a young age. You could also benefit by having knowledge of things that you could be allergic to, and not have to take the risk of dying from a severe allergic reaction to a certain food or medication.

On the other hand, there are also many negative factors to genetic testing. One being, that if you were to undergo genetic testing, and find out that you were likely to die at an early age, you might live your whole life being depressed and constantly worrying , not having any fun. Nor could you live a normal life like the rest of your peers. Some people could find out that they are likely to develop a terrible disease that would cause a great deal of pain and suffering, and they might commit suicide before they even get sick. There could also be a problem if your employers or insurance agencies decided to use genetic testing to determine your eligibility for employment or insurance coverage, which I would...