Genetically engineered foods and how they are being unjustly attacked. (Obviously pro-GE foods.)

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"Friends of the Earth" (or rather, "Enemies of Humanity"), a leading environmentalist organization, proposes a moratorium on GE foods and makes its stand against business clear: "No one needs genetically modified food, except the companies investing in it. The only reason for its existence is to increase agribusiness profits."

Greenpeace does not lag behind in their attack: "Trade in GE food and crops is dominated by a handful of multinational corporations. It is widely believed that these are the only beneficiaries of genetically engineered foods."

But their claim evades that no business can exist without a profit, or make a profit by offering unhealthy food to its customers. Their statements really mean that they rather have businesses go bankrupt, than have them make a profit. They would rather have all of us starve than see any of us prosper.

Environmentalists claim that GE foods are dangerous or potentially dangerous to consumers and to the environment.

Friends of Earth lays down their main argument about the dangers of GE foods, "The health effects of eating GE foods are, as yet, unknown."

But what this argument reveals is their ignorance. What they unwillingly admit is the knowledge that there were no damaging health effects observed since the introduction of GE crops, in 1996. Today GE crops cover about a hundred million acres in the US. This means that more than two hundred billion pounds of GE foods are being now produced every year!

The arbitrary assertion that GE foods are potentially dangerous, that they may possibly be harmful in some unknown way at some unknown time is no reason for banning them.

Even the recent allegations that a type of GE corn found in corn snacks could cause nausea and anaphylactic shock failed to provide the...