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In the ever-evolving world of scientific advancement, many new innovations have become quite commonplace in today's bustling world. One such advancement in science is the genetic altering of plants to ensure crops are healthy and plentiful each year. As alarming as this may sound, it has become very common in the American society. The fight to stop geneticists from altering our food supplies has been underway now since before the food began appearing on dinner tables. However, little has been accomplished, and there seems to be more reasons "why", instead of "why not". In my opinion, instead of fighting food production companies from using genetically altered food, those concerned should be lobbying to get the food labeled once it hits the shelves. By saying "labeled", I mean making it a point that before the product is purchased, the consumer is fully aware that they are about to ingest food that has in some way been genetically altered.

Being that genetic engineering is fairly new to our society, it has not yet been tested in its entirety. No one really knows how safe genetically engineered food is for human consumption, and this has many people up in arms considering that they don't feel entirely safe eating the food. If a person has an allergic reaction to the genetically altered food, there would be no way of determining if it was due to the food being altered or not. Labeling food would not only allow people the choice to not use genetically engineered products, but it could help determine the reliability of the food. The government of the United States has deemed the genetically altered food safe for the publics consumption, yet hasn't conducted the extensive research required to prove their theory. In order to fully understand the dependability of genetically engineered...