Genetically Modified Crops

Essay by daicavanB-, May 2014

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Name: Trần Thúy Vân

Class: 61b

Genetically Modified Crops

In the modern life, there are many new things invented to serve human, and Genetically Modified ( GM) Crops is one of the most special invention. Although people can benefit from GM food, still some ideas claims that they shouldn't be used. This essay will analyse if GM is good or bad.

If we make a comparison between traditional crops and GM crops, we will find some advantage of GM crops clearly. First of all, they have a better quality and a great number. Therefore they can be provide food for many people and a price will go down, which is good for both farmer and customers. Second, GM crops can front pests strongly, because they have been added resistant genes for that. To rely on that, farmer don't need to use pesticide, and may be water pollution will decrease.

On the other hand, GM foods have some drawbacks, and one of the major risks is unexpected human health problems, because it is not sure whether they are safe. However, a fact that many children in the US and Europe have developed life-threatening allergies to peanuts and other foods. There is a possibility that adding a gene into a plant may create a new allergen and cause an allergic reaction. Besides, there are some latent diseases science haven't found yet. The other hazard is about enviro ment. GM crops have destroyed our environment and reserved natural rule, which can make unbalance ecological system. If that happens, this is a serious problem for human's life or any animal in the world.

To sum up, it is necessary for the government to place greater emphasis on GM food. In order to protect environment and people, GM food should be banned...