Genetically Modified Foods

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It is very likely that the food you are eating now is genetically modified. Genetically Modified (or GM) foods are also known as "Frankenstein Foods" and needs to be removed from the market because of the possible negative effects on human health, the lack of food labelling, and the potential harm caused to the environment.

GM foods seem to have negative effects on Human health. Scientists have limited facility to foresee whether a particular protein will be a food allergen, if consumed by humans. The only sure way to determine whether the protein will be an allergen is through human testing. Thus introducing proteins, particularly from non-food sources, is a venture in terms of their allergenicity. The statistics that exists on health effects of GM food has come from the biotech industry itself! Dr. David Suzuki, a world-renowned scientist and environmentalist who studies genetics including biotechnology, says, "Any politician or scientist who tells you these products are safe is either stupid or lying."

GM products are not labelled adequately; generally, agribusiness industries believe that labelling should be voluntary and influenced by the demands of the free market. The extensive use and consumption of GM foods has occurred with no public consultation. It is unethical to conduct medical experiments without informed consent from the participants. We now have more than 40 GM products in the Canadian food systems, without giving consumers a choice. If consumers request labelled foods over non-labelled foods, then industries may have the willingness to normalize itself (as in labelling its products) or risk alienating the customer. Consumer interest groups, on the other hand, are demanding mandatory labelling. All GM foods should be labelled because people should have the right to know if the foods that they eat are genetically modified, and one should have the...