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I selected the job of geneticist because I find the study of DNA and genes to be fascinating. As a geneticist, I could be finding cures for inherited diseases, or finding ways to prevent children from being born with genetic defects. I could also work in the field of agriculture, by improving livestock and crops by means of genetic engineering, which would make them more favorable and more abundant. I could also go into crime, using DNA fingerprinting techniques to identify or acquit suspects of a crime. With so much new technology unfolding, genetic engineering will certainly reach new levels in the years to come, and will play a significant role in medicine as new ways to treat and correct diseases are found.

To enter the field of geneticist, one needs to have a Bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, or genetics, and a master's degree in genetics. However, to have authority in research and development, a Ph.

D or a M.D. are needed. As a beginning salary without any experience or a doctorate, one would expect around $35, 000. However, after gaining experience in the field and a Ph. D, the average salary is over $120, 000. Opportunities for advancement are directing the research and having the credibility to be allowed to test out your own hypotheses. Related occupations include becoming a biologist, a doctor or any other job in the medical field, genetic counseling, or a professor. This job would provide with one with an enjoyable future lifestyle, because most employers offer lucrative benefit to geneticists, with a high salary and retirement plans, most commonly being a 401 (K).