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This is a ver decent essay on genetics, if your teachers dont know much about it than try to submitt this. N/A

Title of Book: Genetic Engineering 'Shaping The Material of Life'

Author: Ellen Thro

Date of Publication: 1993

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[period and date]

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The issue mainly covered in this book is research in genetic

engineering. The research talked about in this book is very

interesting, it talks about curing deadly deceases, as well as

mutating deceases in humans, animals, and plants. An example of

this research is the research on 'Cystic Fibrosis' (CF), the deadly

lung decease found in the lungs of mainly Caucasian Americans,

but affects about 'one in 2000 people- in all, 30,000 children and young

adults in America.' The research was started in 1990 by a group of

scientists , who discovered the mutation that caused 'CF,' the research

which used genetic engineering was so 'precise that it identified the exact

codon' in 'chromosome 7' .

The first investigation was done not by a scientist but a monk in a

monastery, named Gregor Mendel. His research included peas, plants

and flowers. He conducted his research by observing his 'experiments,'

to see if there was any difference between the parent organism and

the offspring. As he bred a plant over several generations 'he noticed a

pattern between the offspring and previous generations, and noticed

differences,' this was Mendel's 'Law of Separation'

The most important fact of this book is the 'ETHICS,' used in

genetics. 'Ethics' can be a researchers friend or enemy. For example

many questions were raised when Li-Fraumeni Syndrome was able to be

detected. An example is 'what if a women discovered that her [p53]

gene had a mutation which could cause cancer, would...