Genghis Kahn's Great Conquest

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Genghis Kahn's Great Conquest

A feared ruler and skillful military leader Genghis Kahn brought together his people to build one of the largest empires of all time. From a young age he demonstrated the abilities of a skilled ruler, showing courage and ambition. As he grew older these attributes became the means by which he led the Mongols. He ruled using fear to keep his empire intact. He used cunning and genius to lead on of the most powerful armies of all time.

Genghis Kahn was actually just a title. He was born Temujin of the Borjign tribe (Wolf 87). The qualities that would one day make him a great leader became prevalent in his every day life at a very young age. When Temujin was very young his father, the chief of the tribe, was poisoned by a rival tribe called the Tartars (Wolf 87). Left to look after his family at such a young age forced him to grow up quickly and become a man when he was only about twelve.

He displayed the qualities of courage when he was captured by a rival tribe. By taking back eight horses that had been stolen from him he shows his deadication to his family and his willingness to do what he felt needed to be done(Wolf 87).

Temujin's skill as a leader made him a name within in his tribe and he eventually he decided to go into the service of a powerful leader of a neighboring tribe, the Kerait. It is likely that this is where he developed much of his skill as a military leader and as a negotiator. He led his people to many victories. He gained notice from the people in power in his tribe. Often when a great leader arose the chieftains of...