Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan is the only person to unite nomadic tribes of Mongolian to make one large communicating and fighting force. Genghis Khan was a genius. He had the largest kingdom ever ruled under one person, in all of world history. It stretched across Asia from the Caspian Sea to the Sea of Japan and, he established the first Mongolian set of Laws. Probably his most significant achievement, was the peace and trade being shared within his kingdom. If Genghis Khan had not been so influential, our world today would be radically different.

Genghis Khan?s original name was Temujin, which meant ironworker. Temujin became a ruler at the very young age of 13 because of his father?s death. He took over his fathers position of chief of a small Mongolian tribe. (Davis) When Temujin was growing up, his family was very lonely and lived a hard life. They sometimes had to dig roots up for food.

When still in his teens, he attracted followers, formed alliances, and built an army. He attracted the attention of other Mongolian tribes when he started to attack his neighboring Mongolian tribes. He had such a strong and intelligent force because he used very harsh training techniques and very strict rules. He also made sure that his troops always had the best equipment and knew how to use it. One thing that Temujin did to ensure a strong army, is he appointed officers on account of their abilities and skills, not their family connections.

Temujin used his power to extend his reign over neighboring tribes. By 1206, he had become ruler of Mongolia. That year, he acquired the name Genghis Khan from an assembly of Mongolian Chiefs. The name means universal ruler, or invincible prince. (Davis) After conquering Mongolia, he set out to conquer China.