Genghis Khan

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One of the most ingenious and talented generals the world has never known had a meager beginning. He had a very tough childhood. He had no formal education. In fact he was born a nomad in the desolate region which we now call Mongolia. His given name was Temujin and he became one of the most feared and respected leaders the world has ever known. He used brutal tactics, as well as cunning to defeat his enemies. He was arguably the greatest leader that ever was.

Mongolia is located on the eastern side of Asia. It has a very harsh landscape its conditions are almost like that of a desert. Until the time Temujin gained power it was inhabited by a lot of individual nomadic tribes. There were two main types of tribes. One type of tribe was the pastoralnomads, they moved from pasture to pasture. The other type was the forest-hunters they were hunters and fishermen (Hartog 2).

At this time, around the year 1200, polygamy was normal in fact; men frequently abducted women from other tribes to gain more wives for themselves (Hartog 4). Although they had no set written laws at this time they did have a moral code which Temujin eventually developed into their legal code, The Yasa of Chingis Khan ( These people lived very hard lives and were in constant danger.

Temujin was born in a small tribe in Mongolia in 1165 AD. He had a very difficult childhood. In 1174 his father, who was the leader of their tribe, was murdered. In 1180 Temujin killed his half brother because he betrayed him. In 1183 his wife, Borte, was kidnapped. In about 1200 he emerged as a local strongman and soon took control of his tribe (national Kokochu a powerful shaman that Temujin...