Genghis Khan: Biography

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Early LifeIn the year 1162, the wife of a Mongol war chief, Yesugei Baghatur, gives birth to a baby boy. The baby is born with as blood clot in his fist. The blood clot is a sign that he will one day become a great leader. This baby grew up to be one of the greatest conquerors of all time, the mighty Mongol leader, known as Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan was born to Mongol war chief Yesugei Baghatur and his wife Hoelun, and was born Temujin. It is believed that he was named after a Tatar, which his father had killed. Temujin was born into the Mongol nomad clan, Borjigin. He was of noble background (his father being the chieftain), which would pay off in the years to come when he would solicit other tribes into his army.

Temüjin had three brothers named Khasar, Khajiun, and Temüge, and one sister named Temülen, as well as two half-brothers named Bekhter and Belgutei.

Temujin had a hard childhood, as did many Mongol children. At nine years old he was ‘delivered’ to the family of his future wife by his father. He was meant to live there in service of the family until he turned twelve, the correct age to marry.

While returning to the clan after ‘delivering’ Temujin, Yesugei was poisened while having a meal with a Tatar clan (the tatars being enemies of the mongols). Upon hearing this, Temujin returned home and attempted to claim his rigvhtful position of khan, but the other tribesmen refused to be led by a child. Temujin and his family where then exiled by the tribe.

For several years, Temujin and his family lived in the wilderness, eating whatever they could forage and hunt. While out hunting oner day, Temujin kill.ed his half brother Bekhter, claiming...