Genocide Report

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Genocide Project


January 1st, 1939

Life was peaceful, until Adolf Hitler became German Reich Chancellor on January 30th, 1933. It is now 1939 and Hitler's customs of being a leader are gradually becoming disobedient. Many laws caused by anti-Semitism force us Jews to be extremely paranoid. Many regulations have spurred for being Jewish, and it isn't the slightest bit pleasant. They are called, Nuremberg Laws, and these decrees rid us of our basic civil rights. We have been dismissed from our jobs, books written by our race have been burned in public, we must carry identity papers with us at all times, a large 'J' must be stamped on our passports; these callous acts aren't all we've been through but they are definitely not fair either. This agony brings me to record events in this journal, it's the only safe, private way of letting go of concerns that wont be concluded.



March 18th 1939

Invasions are becoming regular, Germany already occupies Austria and Czechoslovakia and seems it isn't long until my home appearing in Poland becomes assaulted as well. I have spotted many Nazi's fluttering the area through my window. It scares me to death but all I can do is wait for more news, not propaganda to influence me on unreal rumors; but facts to inform me of my family, and my destiny.

September 1st, 1939

World War II is a definite reality; Germany has invaded Poland, and the stage is about to be set for the systematic annihilation and slaughter of all the Jewish people. This shocks me so horrifically, I never know how to stay calm. I pretend it isn't happening, but the terror of what I know has emotionally hurt me. Being a Roman Catholic, I am aware that Russian Communists want...