Genocide in Tibet

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Genocide in Tibet

In October 7 1950, the Chinese government began the systematic genocide of the Tibetan people that resulted in the mass murder of nearly 1.2 million Tibetans. In this paper, I will examine that why did the Chineses slaughter Tibetans, argue why don't people do anything to stop the genocide and explore what effect does genocide have on the survivors.

The Chinese slaughtered the Tibetan people because during the Cultural Revolution, all religious institutions were banned, so the Buddhist religion in Tibet was labeled at a "disease to be eradicated" as Mao, the communist dictator of the newborn People's Republic of China said in 1949 after his success. China, which has occupied Tibet since 1951, has been accused of trying to wipe out Tibet's Buddhist based culture through political and religious repression. To cover this genocide up in front of the world, the Chinese government sent millions of Han Chineses immigrants to Tibet, and these immigrants was working as colonists, they had exploited natural resources, deposited nuclear wastes, clear cut the timber reserves with Tibetan slave labor and destroyed thousands of year Buddihsm cutural in Tibet.

As the Dalai Lama said: "All the 6 million Tibetans should be on the list of endangered species", this show the fact that Chinese mass murdered a lot of Tibetans, which is 1.2 million out of 6 millions. "The word "genocide" must be used with care. Our world and our century have seen countless abominable massacres, and it is easy to slip into the use of the word to denote such atrocities. We should, however, restrict it to those crimes before high heaven which are truly designated by it. If we do so, and if we consider only the last sixty years, there are four such mass murders which can justifiably carry...