Genome of Cannabis Sativa

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DNA sequencing and functional analysis of potential LEAFY (LFY) homolog in Cannabis sativa

Danny Perretti & Lisa Klinger

Sci. Inv. Tech.

Dr. Connors

Abstract Flower development in angiosperms is controlled by meristem identity genes. One such gene is the FLORICAULA/LEAFY gene which is responsible for reproductive transition and flower spatial patterning. It is not known if Cannabis sativa, an angiosperm species, possesses a FLO/LFY homolog that could play a central role in the flowering development of this plant. Through DNA sequencing and analysis, we will determine if such a homolog exists. If so, this FLO/LFY homolog can be isolated and results will provide insight into the largely unknown Cannabis sativa genome and how the flowering of buds is controlled and expressed. This homolog may play a crucial role in the flower development of Cannabis sativa and could serve as a functional flower meristem identity gene in this plant species as well.

Through identification and analysis of the FLO/LFY homolog, and presuming it does share the same biological characteristics and roles as the FLORICAULA/LEAFY gene, further functional analysis can be carried out. Spatial expression patterns during flower induction periods will show when this discovered FLO/LFY homolog is being mainly expressed. This information will allow for the possibility of developing a way in which to promote early flower development in the Cannabis sativa species which could be beneficial by increasing mass production and reducing costs brought on by pharmaceutical companies generating Cannabis sativa for medical use.

The general subject of interest is identifying and analyzing homologs of the LEAFY gene. The LEAFY gene is a flower integrator gene and an important part of the flowering process in angiosperms. LFY has a part in a plants transformation from the vegetative...