Gentleman and a Lady

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People today tend to forget the manners they have been taught as smaller children. However, some people are actually considerate of others and this makes them what I call gentlemen and perfect ladies.

The gentleman has some main aspects about him. He has some that are very obvious. He opens the door and pulls the chair for the lady. He will hold her books for her at school. Another aspect of the perfect gentlemen is if he does what he is told to do by his elders. This runs into the cliché respect your elders. Also, the gentle must say sir, mam, thank you, and you're welcome when he is needed to say these things because it is proper manners.

One important trait of the gentleman is that he does not think that there is a division of the sexes. In other words, he does not think he has to be mach or manly and insensitive to be the perfect man.

He believes that a man is a man and that they can feel and act however way they choose to.

One other aspect of a gentleman is that he is honest. He will tell the truth to anyone no matter how bad the consequences are. However, he knows when to lie when it is good for him. For example, if a person were to ask if they were something bad in some way, and if they truly were, he should not tell them plain out that they are what they are because this might hurt the person badly. Therefore, the use of honesty in one way or another is a trait that every gentleman should obtain.

One last trait that the normal gentleman should obtain is the trait of respect. This goes along with the cliché phrase respect...