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Running Head: GEO-POLITICS





GlobeTrac has done a successful business in US and now thinking to move ahead towards Latin America. They have decided that their first stop will be Costa Rica. Eugene Ricardo, the owner of GlobeTrac is positive that doing business in Costa Rica would earn him a huge amount of money along with the love of many Costa Ricans (Glassner, 2000).



The physiography of Costa Rica is set apart from the entire hemisphere. Costa Rica has a land area of 19,730 square miles. Costa Rica is located in Central America and despite being small in many ways also possesses many advantages. It is placed geographically in such a manner that one can get to look at all the natural phenomenon starting from the Pacific Ocean in the day and ending at Caribbean Ocean. In the middle of the journey one can also come to the place where a volcano is situated (Glassner, 2000).


Costa Rica is a small rocky country and comprises of the people speaking Spanish. It is the second to last link in a chain of small nations that together comprise the isthmus of Central America (Glassner, 2000).


Costa Rica comprises of the strong constitution therefore there is a continuous 59 years of democracy. Thus the country is stable in every way including security (Goode, 2010).


Before the pre-Columbian era, Costa Rica was sparingly inhabited and a proportional remote place. On 18th September 1502 Columbus visited Limon while his voyage to America as his third and last. At that time there were a total of 20000 aboriginal dwellers. There were several autonomous tribes in which they were settled (Goode 2010, 105).


The economy in Costa Rica in 2003 grew at 5.6 percent with estimates in 2004...