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In Todays writing, writers conform to the readers wants and needs, contrary to the writers of the 13th and 14th centuries. In these times writers wrote from the heart not from the pocket book. They wrote on their beliefs and morals and dreams. But never did they judge. Their styles taken from their trials and tribulations. As so in Geoffery Chaucers works he used his life experiences to influence his every word.

Geoggrey Chaucer is the first literly personality in English, and we know more about the outline of his life than we do about Shakespeare's.

His inner life is recorded in his poems, and he liked to put himself as a character into them. From his birth to his death his writing was not appreciated, but as they say some writers are hated in life and praised in death.

Today man understands his physical surroundings more fully than did his medieval ancestor, today that is not the case.

Today man is able to take percautions against many of the dangers which face him. Fears of that sort, exceedingly violent in themselves, bred a species of violence in the medieval mind. So in the writings of the times this eminent fear was a influence of writing for all.

Though Chacuer was an amazing writer most of his life is fragmentary, but there is a lot of it. A lot of people's lives back then were difficult to document. He was an extraordinary man, a great poet who was courtier, soldier, learned man, much travelled minor diplomat.

The range of his experience and interests is amazing, from common life and bawedy talkes to puritanical religion.

He knew an assortion of people of all backgrounds from French to Flemish. His attitudes ranged from sentimental feeling for small children, to a deep...